Dog Owners Reviews

I love it. As a "cat person" I was scared to get a dog. David made it easy!
Linda M., Seattle 7th May 2007

David was wonderful to work with. He did a fabulous job of training ME.
Shelly B, Seattle 7th May 2007

We never expected the type of results that we saw the first day. I really appreciate Bark Busters and its effective system.
Carol & Andy, Seattle 7th May 2007

Bark Busters has been very empowering for me as a dog owner. I am calmer and happier with all three of my dogs, and I understand them better.
Terese C., Seattle 7th May 2007

As explained by David the system is easy, logical and effective. Wish we had done it earlier!
Barb & Jim, Seattle 7th May 2007

It is truly amazing how well this is working! We have only concentrated on a few problems and it has had an positive affect on areas we haven't even touched on yet. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mr. Wiley.
Vicki W., ,WA 31st August 2005

I am SO happy to have chosen Bark Busters! Your training system is exactly what I was looking for..... and David [our trainer] is GREAT!
Jeanne Z., Seattle, WA 11th April 2005

[My dog] Dude was immediately improved. I look forward to even more progress.
Alison W., Seattle, WA 11th April 2005

We went out for dinner after Rudy's [our dog] training and when we came back he didn't jump on us - yeah! The training was very helpful in understanding how a dog thinks and how we needed to be re-trained.
Sherri M., Kirkland, WA 11th April 2005

We were very impressed with the presentation and professionalism of David [our trainer]. Sandy [our dog] responded immediately to the techniques and continues to learn. We will definitely be recommending Bark Busters to others.
Tony & Taryn P., Seattle, WA 11th April 2005

The change in Ceasar is remarkable! The Bark Busters way helps my husband and me 'speak' to Ceasar in his language and for once he understands! Thank you.
Nicole F., Seattle, WA 11th April 2005

It was exciting and amazing to see the changes in our dogs. They actually do what we want! Their behavior is finally under control. We would highly recommend Bark Busters...
Ann M., Kirkland, WA 11th April 2005

I was absolutely amazed at how effective the techniques are, right off the bat. [Our trainer] David's presentation was very well organized and interesting. It was a GREAT experience!
Dan M., Vashon Island, WA 11th April 2005

The techniques presented were logical and simple to understand. We especially appreciated the idea that the dog needs to respond to voice commands rather than respond to treats.
David & Becky S., Seattle, WA 11th April 2005

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