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We were blown away at the effectiveness of the training. We even had a few good laughs!
Erin Angerer, Seattle 3rd November 2011

Andy was walking better on leash and quickly learned to go to his bed when there was a knock at the door. I love the focus on communication and understanding dog behavior, and really like that this method doesn't rely on food as a reward!
Terry Monaghan, Seattle 3rd November 2011

David was very professional and observant. He had our dogs' best interest in mind and let us figure out how to change our behavior. I think he's a very good therapist!
Kristen Bakken, Seattle 3rd November 2011

Very convenient service, knowledgeable trainer...David was amazing!
Laura Lundin, Seattle 3rd November 2011

Maeb was mentally exhausted when we finished, plus I was very happy with some of the progress she made during the first session. The training methods were easy to integrate, and with a lab (food focused as she is) I didn't need training revolving around food rewards. I've already told several people about Bark Busters!
David Johnston, Seattle 3rd November 2011

David was FABULOUS!
Laura Fine-Morrison, -Morrison 3rd November 2011

David was the only stranger that Kacy hasn't growled at. He did an excellent job, and it was entertaining and enjoyable!
Frances O'Brien, Seattle 3rd November 2011

David patiently explained the techniques and answered all my questions in an understandable way. I saw noticeable results after the session, that night and continued into the next morning. The training really stuck with Indy. It really has worked and it was great seeing that I could really communicate with him!
Michael Tamplin, Seattle 3rd November 2011

We were surprised and VERY pleased with the results. David first told us about the technique, demonstrated it, then coached us as we each tried it - a great approach. Lucy was definitely paying attention to the changes in OUR behavior - and was responding postively. We were tired too, clearly a sign we learned. We are already spreading the word!
Jenny Richards, Seattle 3rd November 2011

David was very patient with us and easy to understand. We are so much less anxious with our dog. We learned lots and had fun with training! David obviously cares about dogs AND their owners.
Zahara Boyd & Family, Seattle 16th August 2011

I want to thank David for the confidence he has given me in training my dog, Riley. I couldn't believe the change in him after the first session! Instead of him pulling and taking me on walks, he now walks beside me while I lead him to where I want to go. Other behaviors such as barking and jumping have greatly improved. Riley is happier and is becoming more calm as he interacts with people and other dogs. Neighbors, friends, and family have commented that they see a positive change in his behavior. It has made my life happier and I am enjoying Riley more!! David has great communication skills in teaching dog owners how to train their pets. I appreciate his knowledge and patience in helping me be successful! I highly recommend Bark Busters to all dog owners.
Kathy Keeling, Renton 19th June 2011

I couldn't believe how quickly Koda showed improvements. I was, and still am amazed. David Wiley made the experience enjoyable and fun. All in easy terms as well.
DeAnna Paul, Renton 29th April 2011

We appreciate David's openness to our questions and his clear, respectful way of answering. He doesn't make us feel dumb, even when some of our questions probably are! My husband joined us a bit late and was amazed to see such an improvement in our dog's behavior after just 20 minutes!
Sara & Bruce Dickinson, Renton 29th April 2011

We were blown away at the effectiveness of the training. The process was interesting and enjoyable, and we even had a few good laughs!
Erin Angerer, Seattle 29th April 2011

Amazing! Quick results when applying David's training techniques. Our dog is happier and so are we! Thank you David!!!
Tamara Soreano, Seattle 1st February 2011

David is an EXCELLENT TRAINER, and my partner and I learned soooo much! We will definitely be recommending him to others.
Stephanie Lyon, Seattle 1st February 2011

David is a wonderful trainer. He is easy to understand and very patient. We saw results in the first lesson, which we will continue to work on to make them a habit.
Nick & Paula Nitka, Seattle 1st February 2011

David is very patient and respectful. I was shocked to see immediate results in my three rambunctious American Eskimos. Bark Busters training provides a balance between necessary firm techniques and keeping the training fun. I know I have more work ahead, but I have already recommended David, because it works. Thanks you!!
Virginia Tomicich, Seattle 1st February 2011

David Wiley is an excellent dog trainer/therapist. He is reliable, patient, articulate and humorous. We definitely saw results by the end of the training, but also know that more work can always be done. Our session was interesting and informative - I'm so glad we found Bark Busters and David Wiley!
Emily Preston & Gokul Parameswaran, Seattle 1st February 2011

It was extremely helpful for us to have the opportunity to sit down and talk about our concerns/desires for our dogs with a trained professional. We appreciate David Wiley's calm and patient presence. He really took the time to explain everything thoroughly and made sure all our questions were addressed. We had a lot of questions, but we never felt rushed. We would recommend David for sure. He knows his stuff and presents everything step by step so it's do-able. Thank you!
Caroline & Juan Sanchez, Seattle 1st February 2011

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