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The general approach works and gives us the tools to be more in control with our dog Theo. We still need practice and reinforcement, but clearly feel like the techniques work!
Connie C., Seattle 26th February 2012

I was shocked to see immediate changes in Beau's behavior. David presented new ways to look at situations, and I have really been impressed with Bark Busters!
S. Bruner, Renton 26th February 2012

David was wonderful as a coach and to my dogs. This was a very pleasant, low key session using very humane and EFFECTIVE methods that worked.
Carmen H., Seattle 26th February 2012

David was very professional and observant. He had our dogs' best interest in mind and let us figure out how to change our behavior. I think he's a very good therapist.
Kristen B., Seattle 26th February 2012

Professional, personable - I am glad to have David as a resource in this dog adventure!
Jane B., Seattle 26th February 2012

We noticed results before the training really even began. Our trainer, David was talking to us and said to ignore our dog. Hugo quickly calmed down. Once the training began, Hugo was focused. This is EXACTLY what we were looking for. I could not believe how fast it works! And it's so simple to work with my dog!
Jennifer H., Seattle 26th February 2012

David Wiley is wonderful in training Dexter and ME! It was exciting to see Dexter do so well. I would recommend Bark Busters even after only having one lesson!
Lynn T., Seattle 26th February 2012

We found David to be professional and knowledgeable in giving us the tools to alter Nellie's behavior. Our goals for Nellie are now within easy reach all due to David's input.
Stan Freeman, Seattle 3rd November 2011

David was kind and patient with my dog and me. He really understood what we wanted and the best approach for getting us there.
Amy Kennedy & Alex Gershon, Seattle 3rd November 2011

David is very thorough and a great guy!!
Shannon Vallentyne, Seattle 3rd November 2011

We liked the explanation of what we were going to do, why and how it was supposed to work before we practiced. We saw real results, especially in the outdoors situations where our dog was exposed to other dogs, and really liked the one on one focus. We've already recommended Bark Busters and David to friends!
Anne Bikle & David Montgomery, Seattle 3rd November 2011

Our dog Carly quit jumping on us from the moment David left. There was more for us to adjust to than our for our dog!
Diane Evans, Seattle 3rd November 2011

David was easy to work with and very helpful in his suggestions!
Lorraine Gibbs, Seattle 3rd November 2011

I learned many things from David, and all made sense. Mily made great progress!
Renee Tobiason, Seattle 3rd November 2011

David was very personable and made huge improvement in my dog Wille's behavior.
Beverly Banker, Renton 3rd November 2011

David explained the techniques thoroughly and walked me through each one as I worked with my dog. I was amazed at how quickly Riley caught on. After only 2½ hours, I saw a dramatic change in his behavior. Understanding how dogs think and react sets Bark Busters above all other methods of dog training. It is a natural flow of correction, praise and growth. The training experience was interesting and enjoyable. I learned so much about why dogs act certain ways and my role in correcting those behaviors. I've already recommended Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors. They are amazed at the improvement they see in Riley. I wish I'd known about Bark Busters when he was a puppy!
Kathy Keeling, Renton 3rd November 2011

We appreciated David's openness to our questions and his clear, respectful way of answering. He doesn't make us feel dumb, even when some of our questions probably are! My husband joined us a bit late and was amazed to see such an improvement in Ally's behavior after just 20 minutes!
Sara & Bruce Dickinson, Renton 3rd November 2011

David did a great job of training my wife and I to lay the foundation necessary to teach our dog. There were visible results at the end of our time!
Eric & Laura Jorgensen, Seattle 3rd November 2011

David was very friendly and engaging. He was patient, thorough and punctual. I feel very pleased and confident with the techniques I've learned. Thanks David!!
Steph Moynihan, Seattle 3rd November 2011

We learned so much about ourselves as well as our dogs. David is very good and made us feel comfortable with the techniques and our dogs!
Darwin Smith & Nan Watkins, Seattle 3rd November 2011

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