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There was immediate impact with Maggie, and my annoyance with her has been reduced significantly. The techniques are simple to follow and we saw results in the first session. I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters. The training program is more expensive than most, but it is simple to follow and had an immediate impact.
Allison S., Seattle 14th August 2012

Jeanette A., Renton 14th August 2012

David has a calm, patient style that put us at ease and made us feel 100% comfortable asking lots of questions to ensure we met our goals. We like that we are really able to focus on our very specific challenges.
Josh & Lisa C., Seattle 14th August 2012

David Wiley was so friendly, helpful and caring. I found that I didn't have to carve out a lot of time dedicated to praticing - more just using the techniques naturally in everyday settings. Jinger has relaxed and is such a wonderful pet. I enjoyed working with David and couldn't be happer!
Marilyn C., Mercer Island 6th August 2012

David met and surpassed our expectations of a dog trainer. He is very knowledgeable and focused. He tailored the training to our specific home needs and made it fun for our entire family!
Kelly K., Seattle 26th February 2012

We were convinced that our dog was untrainable. But the last few weeks have proven we were wrong - WOW!
David & Therese C., Renton 26th February 2012

David was VERY interactive with us and asked lots of questions. My dog, Gabe responded to me right away and has continued to improve. I loved the training experience and felt much better. It was a great session and I would do it again!
Jessica M., Seattle 26th February 2012

The general approach works and gives us the tools to be more in control with our dog Theo. We still need practice and reinforcement, but clearly feel like the techniques work!
Connie C., Seattle 26th February 2012

I was shocked to see immediate changes in Beau's behavior. David presented new ways to look at situations, and I have really been impressed with Bark Busters!
S. Bruner, Renton 26th February 2012

David was wonderful as a coach and to my dogs. This was a very pleasant, low key session using very humane and EFFECTIVE methods that worked.
Carmen H., Seattle 26th February 2012

David was very professional and observant. He had our dogs' best interest in mind and let us figure out how to change our behavior. I think he's a very good therapist.
Kristen B., Seattle 26th February 2012

Professional, personable - I am glad to have David as a resource in this dog adventure!
Jane B., Seattle 26th February 2012

We noticed results before the training really even began. Our trainer, David was talking to us and said to ignore our dog. Hugo quickly calmed down. Once the training began, Hugo was focused. This is EXACTLY what we were looking for. I could not believe how fast it works! And it's so simple to work with my dog!
Jennifer H., Seattle 26th February 2012

David Wiley is wonderful in training Dexter and ME! It was exciting to see Dexter do so well. I would recommend Bark Busters even after only having one lesson!
Lynn T., Seattle 26th February 2012

We found David to be professional and knowledgeable in giving us the tools to alter Nellie's behavior. Our goals for Nellie are now within easy reach all due to David's input.
Stan Freeman, Seattle 3rd November 2011

David was kind and patient with my dog and me. He really understood what we wanted and the best approach for getting us there.
Amy Kennedy & Alex Gershon, Seattle 3rd November 2011

David is very thorough and a great guy!!
Shannon Vallentyne, Seattle 3rd November 2011

We liked the explanation of what we were going to do, why and how it was supposed to work before we practiced. We saw real results, especially in the outdoors situations where our dog was exposed to other dogs, and really liked the one on one focus. We've already recommended Bark Busters and David to friends!
Anne Bikle & David Montgomery, Seattle 3rd November 2011

Our dog Carly quit jumping on us from the moment David left. There was more for us to adjust to than our for our dog!
Diane Evans, Seattle 3rd November 2011

David was easy to work with and very helpful in his suggestions!
Lorraine Gibbs, Seattle 3rd November 2011

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