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Our Bark Busters trainer, David Wiley was amazing! And our dog Frank is so much happier now! The difference in our walks is like night and day. He used to lunge and bark at people and other dogs, and now just walks by our side.
Jessica C., Seattle, Washington 1st July 2014

Our Bark Busters trainer David Wiley was wonderful and so kind, and our dogs stopped barking immediately!
Jackie F., Seattle, Washington 4th June 2014

David Wiley's help has been exceptional in starting our puppy out right, even though it's been challenging to put the techniques into place with our energetic dog. I have already recommended David and Bark Busters to multiple people.
Tracy R., Seattle, Washington 28th May 2014

Our Bark Busters trainer David Wiley is great! We saw immediate results by the end of our first session. He is a natural, and made training seem easy for us and like "play" for our puppy Maple. I never feel like he's judging us if we've gotten "lax" on working with Maple. David is AMAZING!
Megan T., Seattle, Washington 22nd May 2014

I was shocked by how quickly the leash aggression abated after only one session with David. We are now four days without incident and I'm amazed!
Craig H., Seattle, Washington 22nd May 2014

Our trainer David Wiley was great to work with. He's patient and observant. I like that we don't use treats all the time. Our dog Augie made great strides in training. He heels now, and he sits quietly when the door bell rings. It's great!
Arden C., Seattle, Washington 21st May 2014

We were thrilled at how simple and effective the techniques were, and really appreciated the feedback from our trainer. David Wiley is great!
Diana N., Seattle, Washington 11th May 2014

David Wiley's training and guidance had an instant impact on our dogs. We would highly recommend his service to anyone!
Liz and Chris D., Renton, Washington 27th March 2014

We were amazed that by the end of the 1st session Lucy was able to stay calm and not jump on David Wiley when he rang the doorbell, then entered. We have put the training techniques into practice and already it's as if we have a different dog! She is more attentive and we all feel better.
Laura and Todd J., Renton, Washington 28th February 2014

I think David Wiley is really a talent, gifted in this line of work and so tuned in with the animals. He has helped me so much when I felt so hopeless. Thank you!
Connie M., Seattle, Washington 24th February 2014

David is a wonderful trainer! He was so kind and patient with me and my husband, and so effective with the dogs. He helped us craft a really manageable plan for addressing our behavior and the dogs', and left us feeling really confident about making some necessary changes. We really enjoy working with him!
Jessica H., Newcastle, Washington 21st February 2014

I was both surprised and pleased that Mimi learned so quickly.I also like training her w/o the lure of treats.
Cheryl G., seattle, Washington 13th February 2014

My husband and I adopted a 6mo old Australian Shepherd and were so excited to welcome him to our family. But after a few really tough days we wondered what we had gotten ourselves into - we had a wild boy on our hands! After our first appointment with David it was like a light switch had been turned on, our dog listened, responded, and started behaving, and at each subsequent appointment we've learned more and more. Just a couple months later as we have a furry gentleman on a leash, can have friends over,have been able to vacation with our pup, and all ENJOY spending every day together!
Arielle K., Seattle, Washington 9th February 2014

David helped immensely with door, distance and fence training. We have neighboring dogs and our dogs tend to be territorial. We feel we have the right skills now to stop the barking.
Kristen B., Seattle, Washington 4th January 2014

We saw a change by the time David left at the end of the first session. Spending the morning in our home to see how we interact helped us show the issues and begin to address them. The instructions are clear and we like the phased approach.
Kara M., Seattle, Washington 31st December 2013

This was the best money I ever spent! I learned so many new things that are applicable to daily experiences. Gunther was like brand-new! It was super fun and entertaining too. I am absolutely pleased with the approach. I don't always need to have treats in my pocket everywhere I go now. My boyfriend, who was not a fan of Gunther now actually wants to take him for walks himself! David was very clear with expectations and what we should have as goals. It was unbelievable to see the change.
Wendy H., Seattle, Washington 10th December 2013

It is very enjoyable seeing such quick results! Rufus was like a new dog at the dog park. We would recommend David Wiley and Bark Busters 100%!
Beki & Brantley T., seattlemetro, Washington 30th August 2013

Our session with David Wiley was very enjoyable and fun. The two hour visit flew by and we felt excited and very encouraged instead of wiped out. The techniques were easy to follow and practice for our whole family, ages 10-51. David was also willing to build onto and refine some of what we had already been doing that was working well. Buck is now learning to respond to our voices and commands instead of treats. David is very warm, friendly and encouraging for everyone in our family, including Buck!
Heidi S., Shoreline, Washington 15th August 2013

David Wiley did a wonderful job of going through the techniques and explaining why they worked. I would most certainly recommend Bark Busters. I feel that in just the initial three hour lesson we've done so far that I already got my money's worth! Filou used to bark frequently throughout the day, and he has rarely barked since David was here. A family member even asked what I had done to the dog since he wasn't barking while I was on the phone!
Anja F., Renton, Washington 11th August 2013

After one week, Higgins is a different dog! It was VERY interesting learning "Caninese"!! I've already recommended Bark Busters to friends. David was pleasant, non-judgmental and made learning about dogs and teaching Higgins VERY easy!! He's awesome!
Heather H., Seattle, Washington 10th August 2013

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