Dog Owners Reviews

David Wiley was great to work with. We had dramatic results during the first appointment and have continued to see steady progress. I wish we had not waited so long to call. We've gotten further in a few weeks with Bark Busters than we had in 2+ years with other methods. We are grateful to David.
Phoebe S., Seattle, Washington 8th September 2014

I could not be happier with David Wiley's training skills and style. My dog Abby is already showing improvement. Thank you!
Mark M., Seattle, Washington 6th September 2014

David Wiley is incredibly patient and flexible. We really like him and definitely think our dog Jack is improving!
Andrea W., Renton, Washington 2nd September 2014

David Wiley is wonderful!!! I am not afraid of Gerald, but afraid of what Gerald may do to someone else when he gets into his "scary zone." David has helped me gain control and understand what I need to do. Learning doggie behavior is great. This is a must for all dog owners!!!
Kate M., Renton, Washington 30th August 2014

David Wiley was wonderful in helping show us how to teach our new puppy. He gave us many tips and tricks for Sam's attentiveness and how to establish passive authority. We look forward to working with David with body language cues and voice control in the future.
Josh W., Seattle, Washington 21st August 2014
Trainer's Comments
Josh and Karen - you guys are great examples of why it's important to begin training as soon as you bring your new puppy home. Sam was just 10 weeks old, but he can begin to learn even at that young age!

David Wiley was great! He focused on our needs and wants, and was very effective at making the process work for us and our dogs.
Stephanie A., Renton, Washington 20th August 2014

After only two exceptionally effective sessions with David, I feel like we have poster children for well-behaved pups. I was skeptical but desperate to control 'all-day-long barking while at work' as reported by my neighbors to animal control. I am genuinely surprised, impressed, and pleased - not only with the newly learned lack of barking through the work day as evidenced by recorded video/audio, but also by the unexpected side benefits of not jumping on arriving guests, sleeping through the night without letting them out to do their business, and no more leash pulling on walks! We have one more session to go and I can't even imagine what improvements we'll look forward to Thank you David Wiley!!!
Kim V., Seattle, Washington 15th August 2014

We have now completed 3 sessions with David Wiley and the change in Scout is incredible! We are more consistent in our approach with her, and the result is that Scout is a happier and more secure dog. David has been very patient and encouraging. He has helped us to implement the techniques successfully so that we saw immediate results. But he also understand that we are looking for a deeper long-term change in our relationship with Scout as well, and that this takes time. David is definitely a gifted teacher and we are so glad that he is a part of Scout's life! The commitment to working with a dog for its entire life if necessary is invaluable to us. Thank you!
Cynthia B., Seattle, Washington 9th August 2014

We could not be happier with David. After the first session the change in Lexi was unbelievable. She went from being an almost-constant frustration to a source of joy of just days! In three hours David accomplished with her (and us!) what 6 weeks of obedience classes hadn't event come close to providing. We've now had two sessions with David, the difference in Lexi has been commented on by multiple people, and we know that we're better equipped to handle her eccentricities and that we have someone to turn to at any time as more questions arise!
Cyra B., Seattle, Washington 5th August 2014

#BarkBusters David Wiley is an excellent trainer and in a short time I have seen amazing results. He has taught me how to be a pack leader with simple techniques that have helped me be able to completely train what I thought to be an untrainable dog. It's like night and day! I highly recommend him. He is a great teacher and I have enjoyed learning from him.
Rachelle S., Seattle, Washington 25th July 2014

Our Bark Busters Trainer David Wiley is an excellent teacher. I appreciate his extensive knowledge and presentation skills. He's well organized and as a result the lessons were easily understood.I was surprised to see that noticeable results occurred at the very beginning. I was also pleasantly surprised at how simple and easy the techniques are, and like that we didn't use treats. I have already recommended David to a total stranger the other day as we were discussing our dogs, and also to a co-worker. The one-on-one approach was enjoyable and a very pleasant experience. At home teaching makes sense and was effective immediately!
Melinda A., Seattle, Washington 16th July 2014

David Wiley has helped us with the widest variety of problems from door bell and mail carrier barking, crazed dog-friends and bites from other people's pets. When he visits, Meeka looks at him with the "he who must be obeyed" look. Mostly he trains us how to be more knowledgeable and poised. #Bark Busters and David are enthusiastically recommended!
John & Mary K., Pahoa, Hawaii (previously Seattle), Washington 10th July 2014

Our Bark Busters trainer, David Wiley was amazing! And our dog Frank is so much happier now! The difference in our walks is like night and day. He used to lunge and bark at people and other dogs, and now just walks by our side.
Jessica C., Seattle, Washington 1st July 2014

Our Bark Busters trainer David Wiley was wonderful and so kind, and our dogs stopped barking immediately!
Jackie F., Seattle, Washington 4th June 2014

David Wiley's help has been exceptional in starting our puppy out right, even though it's been challenging to put the techniques into place with our energetic dog. I have already recommended David and Bark Busters to multiple people.
Tracy R., Seattle, Washington 28th May 2014

Our Bark Busters trainer David Wiley is great! We saw immediate results by the end of our first session. He is a natural, and made training seem easy for us and like "play" for our puppy Maple. I never feel like he's judging us if we've gotten "lax" on working with Maple. David is AMAZING!
Megan T., Seattle, Washington 22nd May 2014

I was shocked by how quickly the leash aggression abated after only one session with David. We are now four days without incident and I'm amazed!
Craig H., Seattle, Washington 22nd May 2014

Our trainer David Wiley was great to work with. He's patient and observant. I like that we don't use treats all the time. Our dog Augie made great strides in training. He heels now, and he sits quietly when the door bell rings. It's great!
Arden C., Seattle, Washington 21st May 2014

We were thrilled at how simple and effective the techniques were, and really appreciated the feedback from our trainer. David Wiley is great!
Diana N., Seattle, Washington 11th May 2014

David Wiley's training and guidance had an instant impact on our dogs. We would highly recommend his service to anyone!
Liz and Chris D., Renton, Washington 27th March 2014

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